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We chose to use the best equipment in the business to be sure we could service a wide variety of customers and industries in the most effective, safe, and eco-friendly way. We can safely remove paint, or rust from metal surfaces like a car that is getting restored without the hassle of grinding or chemical stripping taking countless ours out your day or paying long hourly labor to do. 

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Most cost efficient method for preparing any surface.

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Mobile Dustless Sandblasting is the quickest, most cost efficient method of removing paint, rust, dirt, tar, concrete and powder coating from any surface. Dustless Blasting employs a mixture of water, air, and abrasive to clean and remove surface contaminants and coatings, providing a clean surface with no clinging dust. Dustless Blasting can be easily contained and cleaned. Comply with EPA and DEQ regulations. Because there is no dust plume or toxic chemicals, it can be used in areas with strict environmental rules and regulations. Produces very little runoff that is simple to contain.

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